Extending NUnit: NUnit Companion

I have several test fixtures (test classes) written in NUnit that verify my data layer works against a live database (MSSQL). By live I mean that there is no mocking or anything like that – that’s for the higher layers where I mock the data layer.

Now, I would like to extend my code to support more databases (MSSQL CE, SQLite) but I don’t want to start copy pasting my tests around or to create very complex inheritance strategies. These approaches are time consuming and require significant effort to maintain. Enter NUnit extensibility. Continue reading “Extending NUnit: NUnit Companion”

ResxTranslator: a resx file editor

ResxTranslator is an open source project that facilitates easy translation of resx files. Resx files are XML files that .NET uses to store localizable strings. Visual Studio offers a built-in designer but MonoDevelop currently doesn’t offer support for resx files. In addition to that, ResxTranslator is able to open multiple files in the same window, so that a user can translate strings while looking at the original text at the same time. Oh, and it is at this moment developed only by me when I have some time to spare 🙂 Continue reading “ResxTranslator: a resx file editor”