Playing with TeamCity on Azure

I spent the past two days playing with setting up TeamCity on Azure. This is just a poc more than anything else, but it’s always fun to do something new. I had to fiddle about with some things that didn’t work as expected, so here are some notes to remember what I did.

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Using AWS ECR as a Docker registry

In this post, I’ll modify the pipeline from the previous posts to use a Docker registry powered by AWS ECR (Amazon Elastic Container Registry).

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Host DNS in Docker Toolbox

When playing locally on a developer’s laptop, it’s handy or needed to modify your laptop’s hosts file to fake some DNS entries. That’s C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts on Windows and /etc/hosts on Mac/Linux. By default, Docker Toolbox won’t see these custom DNS entries. Here’s how to change that.

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Smoke test for a Docker image

According to Wikipedia, a smoke test is a preliminary test that reveals simple failures severe enough to (for example) reject a prospective software release. The process of smoke testing aims to determine whether the application is so badly broken as to make further immediate testing unnecessary. If we consider our dockerized blog-helm web application, a possible smoke test can be: can we pull the image from the registry? If we run the image, does the container stay alive or does it crash immediately? In this post, I’ll implement this in an extra build configuration in TeamCity with a generic bash script doing the actual work.

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