When developers cannot unit test

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Unit tests is an essential method of ensuring quality and predictability of software. In my current work, we have been going through a hard learning curve involving many factors:

  • developers not familiar with unit tests.
  • a proprietary technology ecosystem where the community is typically not practicing unit tests at all.
  • a legacy code base not written with unit tests in mind

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JavaScript Static Code Analysis, part 2

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In the previous post, I talked about static code analysis and how it can be useful in enforcing and maintaining a consistent coding style, but also in catching subtle bugs and code smells. The focus was on two tools, jscs and jshint. What other tools and techniques can you use? Continue reading JavaScript Static Code Analysis, part 2

JavaScript Static Code Analysis

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Reading code is hard. It’s often difficult to understand what the developer was trying to express when he was writing that function. If you keep your old projects around, go ahead and open them. You’ll probably struggle to read even your own code. It might even look as if somebody else wrote it. Continue reading JavaScript Static Code Analysis