On versioning

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According to Wiktionary, the word version means “a specific form of variation of something”. In computing, it’s “a particular revision of something” (e.g. software). The word has French and Latin roots. The Greek translation, έκδοση, can also be translated as publication.

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Developer Utopia

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What happens when developers get the full freedom to work on the things they want with the tools they want? “Get the best people, give them the best tools and get out of their way”. That should work. The reason it doesn’t, it’s because we haven’t defined what “best” people means. Continue reading Developer Utopia

Removing git submodules

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Submodules is an advanced git feature. It allows you to have a folder inside your repository which serves as a link to a different repository. Working with submodules is more complicated and I haven’t had a real need for it so far. Last week I had to deal with a codebase which was doing heavy usage of submodules, but without a good reason, so I got rid of them.

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On git branching models

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Usually, when you work with a version control system like git, development happens in multiple branches. It’s funny to see people’s faces when you tell them that the author of Continuous Delivery, Dave Farley, advocates “no branches”. I had that same surprised face myself the first time I heard that concept. But, so far, I haven’t really worked somewhere where no branches were used.

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Ergonomics and APIs

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According to my Google search, ergonomics is the study of people’s efficiency in their working environment. The developer’s working environment consists of the physical world but also the virtual world. In the physical world you desire a quiet office, good desk and chair, proper lighting, the best tools your budget can buy, etc. In the virtual world, you have software tools, IDEs, etc. But when writing code, the working environment also consists of the APIs you code against, as well as the code you have written for yourself.

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DOSBox configuration file

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I did the following changes to my DOSBox configuration file:

  • fulldouble=true (it probably doesn’t hurt, it’s supposed to reduce flickering)
  • windowresolution=1900×1024 (because on my high DPI laptop screen DOSBox by default launches in a teeny tiny window I can barely read)
  • output=opengl (works in combination with the previous setting)


And in the autoexec section, these two commands:

  • mount c c:\users\ngeor\dosbox
  • c:

This mounts my dosbox folder as the C drive and switches to that drive, so I’m ready to launch GWBasic 🙂