Log of today

So, this is a small summary of some things I did today (after all blog stands for web log):

Sharing a green car

There are some companies here in the Netherlands that rent electric cars. You can pay a subscription (there are various … More

Customer Care 2.0

So I wake up this morning and check my e-mail as usual. In my e-mail I see an invoice from … More

Greeks in space!

I just got a video from an event in Paris that shows the Greek vice president of the government [*] … More

Living offline

I spent a little more than 20 days without internet at home, waiting for my provider to reconnect it to … More

Protest for Rotterdam zoo

Sometimes even the Dutch protest! The local government of Rotterdam is planning cutbacks that will affect the Rotterdam zoo. Last … More

Flattr: Social Micropayments

[ Ελληνικά ] Σήμερα είδα το Flattr, ένα κοινωνικό σύστημα μικρο-αμοιβών. Η ιδέα είναι παρόμοια με τα κουμπάκια like του … More

Changing Jobs

Skip to the English translation of this post. Από το 2008 που ήρθα στην Ολλανδία δουλεύω στην ίδια εταιρεία ως … More