Using Spring Boot Actuators

Implementing Spring Boot actuators is not very difficult. In this post I’ll show what you can get for free, without adding any code.

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Swagger and MapStruct

I’ve been working lately on a project with a few services (or microservices, if you like to play buzzword bingo). I wanted to share some thoughts on how using Swagger together with MapStruct can make things easier.

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Swagger Formats

Some handy format combinations with Swagger:

type: string
format: byte
Creates a property of type byte[] (but it is serialized as a string).

type: integer
format: int64
Creates a property of type Long.

type: string
format: date-time
Creates a property of type OffsetDateTime (when using the java8 date library).

type: string
format: date
Creates a property of type LocalDate.